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“Okay, we know you want to lose weight. But sometimes (you would be agreeing to this), you might get too passionate with it that you believe in everything you read, hear or saw, without consulting or corroborating facts. This is normal, since desperation and holding onto something that is bigger than you can become both optimistic and debatable.

However, with generic, unfounded assumptions come urban legends. Diets, how to do that, drink this, etc.

Polk Health rounded the 5 most rampant myths on diet pills around. Take a skim out of them. And never be fooled again.

5. There is a quick fix.

There is not. No single diet pill in the market today can change the body drastically in three days. It’s always a process. A long one at that.

Arguably all diet pill takers have the “I-can-lose-pounds-in-three-days-through-this-pill syndrome, which is both funny and alarming. Nature has taught us that our body doesn’t change in a mere duration of years, least 72 hours. There is no “magic�? weight loss pill whatsoever. Not then, not now and not in the future.

The threshold of diet pills on burning fats is only 10% at the maximum, and most brands of pills out in the market have lower percentage capabilities.

4. I need to take an appetite suppressant and fat-burning pill at the same time to maximize weight loss.

This is nothing but desperation bubbling up to the surface. There are types of diet pills with extracts which do both ways. Taking two diet pills at a time puts so much stress on the liver, add to the fact that’s it’s been stimulated highly enough every day with coffee, sugar, vitamins and minerals from daily sustenance.

The risk of drug interaction is also risked without the proper prescription and administration of a specialist. This not only puts the body in possible danger, it also makes the body abruptly adjust to the new changes it is subjected to.

3. I only need a diet pill. Exercise and diet? That’s useless.

Diet pills only account one-third of the weight loss pie chart. No amount of diet pill can be effective when you are eating more than you should, and laze your ass off in bed for weeks. The body needs to sweat to burn fat, and needs the right amount of nutrients and antioxidants to properly metabolize and perk up digestion.

Learn to balance exercise and diet when taking a diet pill so that its desired effect would be achieved. Ask your specialist about this and he/she will have the same opinion.

2. Sugar substitutes are the way to-go.

Stevia and other known sugar substitutes is not only unproven safe for everyday consumption, they also may pose an opposite reaction to a weight loss effort. Some studies say that Stevia is still is considered by the body as sugar, thus, it digests it as one. The safest way around this is to regulate your intake, and unless it’s unavoidable, completely get rid of it on your diet.

1. All slimming pills which are on the shelf are safe to take.

Definitely, no. Even popular brands like Ephedra have been banned from continued usage because of relative high risks. Anything that is suspicious, with unclear instructions, or foreign should not be taken. Always consult with a specialist before undergoing a self-medicated weight loss regimen.

Believing in something as trivial as your friend’s recommendation is a dead giveaway that you are indeed has desperation of some sorts. The thing about weight loss is that it becomes so much more than a vanity issue, modern medicine and society have turned it into something of a psychological one, where the mind is more affected, making the transition more and more difficult.

Be healthy and safe!

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