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You can skip the stress very simply by eating 6 foods. You don’t have to take pills, just skip the hamburgers and the chips and get smart about stress-eating. Look which foods help to reduce stress ! 

 Green leafy vegetables (like spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage). These vegetables contain folic acid, which produces dopamine, pleasure-inducing brain chemical, helping you keep calm.


It’s like a super-fruit when it comes to losing weight and clean eating. But also, might help you shut down the stress. Avocados are with good content of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and B vitamins.


Flaxseed, pumpkin, sunflower seeds are all great sources of magnesium, has been shown to help reduce depression, tiredness and irritability. Plus, when you are feeling grumpy during that time of the month, the mineral also helps to fight with PMS symptoms, like cramps and water retention.


The antioxidants found in berries help improving your body response to stress. Research has also shown that blueberries help boost your immunity.


The milk is an excellent source of vitamin D, a nutrient that might boost enjoyment. People who have sufficient vitamin D have a reduced risk of panic disorders compared to people with lower levels of vitamin D.

And last but not least,Dark Chocolate. Regular healthy BITE of dark chocolate might have the power to control you stress levels. The proper amount of dark chocolate can reduce stress hormones. Also, the antioxidants in cocoa provoke the parts of circulatory system to relax, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation.

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